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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Royal Icing: Pansy

Pansies are one of my favorite royal icing flowers because they look so complicated, but they are not. If you have tried the other flower tutorials I have previously posted, then trying this flower out should not be difficult. Pansies are found in nature in different colors, including all yellow or all dark blue. Add color by painting over them when dry or using color striped bag. Refer to the Flower Index for more flower instructions.

Pansy Flower

Tip: 104, 1
Royal Icing: yellow and violet (or color of choice)
Consistency: Medium Consistency
Royal Icing Recipe


1. Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail as follows. The flowers will be the size of the whole circle.

2. Using your tip 104 make the first yellow petal (one quarter of the circle). Squeeze bag lightly at 45 degree angle, to make and upside down U (as shown on picture below). Make sure that the U closes at the end – relax pressure, unite with the starting point, stop and slide out. Repeat to form the second yellow petal (second quarter of the circle).
3. No let's make the violet petal. This is basically a single ruffled petal that will fill one half of the circle. Create this petal by starting like a single petal, but don't finish it. Instead, use a gentle back and forth motion to create a ruffled effect.

4. Add two shorter petals on top of the first two yellow petals (depicted in picture below in orange for visibility), positioned so that they are centered over the seams where the yellow petal meet with the single ruffled violet petal. 5. Add a tip 1 teardrop shaped loop center in yellow color (as shown in picture below).
6. Dry in medium Flower Former.

7. When dry, dip a small brush in food coloring (violet in this case) and add violet stipes to top yellow flowers.

*Picture of cake that depicts this flower.

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