An Expression of Art

Diary of a Cake Stylist - WHAT, WHY and WHEN

What is 'Diary of a Cake Stylist"?

It is a compilation of pictures, recipes, techniques and comments. "Diary of a Cake Stylist" has been created in order to share information regarding cake decorating (or as I call it, cake styling). The posts found here have recipes, tips, instructions and how to decorate. Everyone is welcome to share their new or modified recipes, tips, comments or simply post questions. Please be patient as I continue to try new techniques and recipes so I can continue to share.

Why "Diary of a Cake Stylist"?

Cake decorating can be challenging but always rewarding. Baking and decorating have become one of my favorite hobbies, specially to destress after a hectic day. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Cake decorating is just another form of art. Let your imagination roll and create wonderful edible masterpieces.

When "Diary of a Cake Stylist"?

It was born on September '07 in