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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Cake

Someone asked me to make a cake for their birthday. I wanted to create something colorful and fun, so I came across Su-Yin's cake and decided to replicate it. This cake was fun to make. I started by making Mario which I knew would be more difficult than the rest. Once he was made, the rest came about easy.


Double click on the pictures below to enlarge the pictures and see all sides of the cake.



The cake is a marble chocolate-vanilla cake filled and covered with chocolate fudge, then covered with marshmallow fondant (MMF). Mario's body is filled with bread and covered with marshmallow fondant. All decorations are MMF.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Royal Icing: Daffodil


I have moved to a difficult flower, however, the difficulty only lies in the several steps that it takes to create the flower and not the handling of the piping bag.


Prepare one bag with tip 104; another with tip 3 and another with tip 1 - All filled with yellow royal icing.


1. Prepare your flower nail by placing a square of wax paper on top of it, secured with some icing. Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail in 6 equal parts.
2. Using your tip 104 make the first petal (yellow royal icing). Squeeze bag lightly at 45 degree angle, sliding to outer edge and when it reaches the outer edge spin nail to fan royal icing and return to starting point to close loop by relaxing pressure and sliding out (think of it as an upside down U- see upper left corner of picture).
Petal depicted in orange for visibility. Space in the middle will not be there, but marked as seen to trace the movement of the tip.
3. Repeat to make a total of 6 petals.

4. Dip your fingers in cornstarch and pinch outside of each petals to make them pointy

Flower Center

1. Start by making a flat dot at the center of the dot with tip 3. Then move in a circular motion to create a coil that opens up (like a tornado shape) – base should be narrower than the top. Stop and lift away.

Center depicted in black to show tip movement. Spiral on top like a coil.

2. With tip 1 bag, add a zigzag trim to the top edge of the coil.

Trim depicte in pink for visibility. Double click to enlarge.

3. Dry in small flower former to give a slight cupped shape to flower

Royal Icing: Daisy

Refer to Flower Index for other flower links.


Although daisies are found in anture with white petals and yellow centers, it is fun to make them in any color you want in order to march the theme of your cake.

1. Prepare your flower nail with a square of wax paper (glue it with a little icing). Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail in 12 parts as follows:

2. Position your bag with tip 104 parallel to head of your nail. Wide end close to outer edge and narrow edge angled up slightly. Squeeze slightly and slide tip towards center. Voila, your first petal. Do the north, west, east and south petals.

3. Repeat for total of 12 petals.

4. Add center with tip 5, by making a dot and then pressing with your fingers lightly (depicted in orange for visibility)

5. Dry in medium flower former to give shape to flower.

Flowers in Flower Former: