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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Royal Icing: Daisy

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Although daisies are found in anture with white petals and yellow centers, it is fun to make them in any color you want in order to march the theme of your cake.

1. Prepare your flower nail with a square of wax paper (glue it with a little icing). Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail in 12 parts as follows:

2. Position your bag with tip 104 parallel to head of your nail. Wide end close to outer edge and narrow edge angled up slightly. Squeeze slightly and slide tip towards center. Voila, your first petal. Do the north, west, east and south petals.

3. Repeat for total of 12 petals.

4. Add center with tip 5, by making a dot and then pressing with your fingers lightly (depicted in orange for visibility)

5. Dry in medium flower former to give shape to flower.

Flowers in Flower Former:


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