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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zebra Print Fondant


I try to make my life less complicated when decorating cakes.  Although I love using brush for painting, making a little mistake can take a while to repair.  When trying to paint zebra patterns over white fondant it can get even measier. So here is a quick and easy wait to get perfect zebra patterns on fondant.

All you need is:
  • White fondant
  • Dark fondant (chocolate in this picture)


I'm using a small amount of fondant here for demonstration purposes. So keep your mind open for different zebra patterns over larger surfaces.

1) Knead desired amount of white fondant.
2) Pat the fondant 'dough' over your prepped fondant rolling mat.

3) Knead chocolate (or dark colored) fondant and make logs of fondant in different shapes and sizes. Logs ends should be pointed. Place over patted white fondant creating different paterns (make sure to make Y's here and there). - REFER TO PICTURE

4) Roll the fondant in one direction (e.g., vertically) in order to enlogate the chocolate logs until these get 'incorporated' into the white fondant. The chocolate fondant should looks as part of the white fondant.     -REFER TO PICTURE

5) Continue stretching the fondant to it's desired lenght.
6) If you want to make the patterns a little wider, then roll the fondant across the stips (e.g., horizontally).      - REFER TO PICTURE

7) Cover desired cake with zebra print fondant. Enjoy.

** Come back for animal print cake examples***