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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Royal Icing: Primrose

The primrose flower is a medium sized flower with heart shaped petals. You can find these flowers in different colors, including all yellow, blue with yellow centers and purple with yellow centers. These flowers are accent flowers that add a touch of elegance to any cake. Refer to the Flower Index for other flower's step-by-step instructions.

Primrose Flower

Tip: 103, 14, 1
Royal Icing: Pink (or color of choice)
Consistency: Medium
Royal Icing Recipe


1. Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail as follows: Note that the flower should be the size of the inner circle. 2. Using your tip 103 make the first hert shaped petal (depicted at the upper left corner of picture below) by sqeezing your piping bag slightly at a 45 degree angle from center to circle edge. At this point continue piping along the edge while gently using a gentle back and forth motion in the middle as you spin your flower nail slowly and proceeding to close the petal. Relax pressure, stop and slide out.
3. Repeat to make four more heart shaped petals (for a total of five).

4. Add a small star center with tip 14.

5. Add a small dot to the top of the star with Tip 1.

6. Dry in medium flower former.

*Picture of cake with this flower

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