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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Icing Borders

Star Border

Hold decorating bag straight up (90 degree), slightly above the surface. Squeeze bag with heavy pressure and press out a star. Stop pressure and pull tip away. Increase or decrease pressure to change size of star. Do them close together for a border.

Note the border on this cake:

Note that the rainbow is made of lines of stars:

Shell Border

Hold decorating bag at a 45 degree angle with tip slightly above surface. Squeeze with heavy pressure and slightly lift tip as icing builds and fans out into a shell. Relax the pressure in the bag as you pull the tip down to the right and you make the 'tail'. Stop pressure, pull tip away. When you make shells always work counterclockwise on the border of the cake if you are right handed. Start each new shell slightly behind the tail of the previous shell (avoid covering the tail of previous shell).

Zigzag Border

Position bag at 45 degrees angle to the surface, so that the tip is pointing to the left and fingers on the bag are facing you (if you are right handed). Allow the tip to touch the surface lightly. Steadily squeeze and move hand in tight side-to-side motion (please see clouds on rainbow below). Stop pressure and pull tip away to end. Make the zig-zag longer by moving the hand back and forth in desired length.


Tip: make another ziz-zag cloud on top of the larger one with a short zig-zag length for a 3D effect.

Reverse Shell Border

Position bag at 45 degree angle with tip slightly above surface. Squeeze to let icing fan out as if you were making a typical shell, then swing tip around to the left in semi circular motion (like if you are making an spiral shape- counterclockwise) as you relax pressure to form tail of a shell. Stop pressure, pull tip away. Repeat procedure, only this time swing tip around to the right (clockwise) relax pressure and form tail of shell. Continue alternating directions to create the reverse shell border.


Rope Border

Hold bag at 45 degree angle to surface with end of bag pointing over right shoulder. Touch tip to surface and sqeezing bag move tip down, then up and a little bit down to form a sideways "s" curve.


Ruffle Border


Snail Trail Border

slug border

Just added the last two pictures. Come back for instructions!!

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