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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buttercream: Cake Decorating: Making Drop Flowers


    • You will need two colors of buttercream icing (one for the petals and the other for the flower center)

    • Consistency: Medium

    • Tip: 2D


    1. Insert a drop flower tip to a decorating bag (no coupler needed).

    2. Push the tip as far as you can to make sure the icing will not squezee out of the bag.

    3. Fill your bag with medium consistency buttercreaml icing.

    4. Cover your working surface with wax paper.

    5. Place the drop flower tip on top of the wax paper (make sure the tip touches the surface and stays there while you are making the flower).

    6. Squezee the decorating bag and turn the tip clockwise one quarter of the turn. Here is the trick, the moment you start squeezing you need to start turning. Do not stop squeezing while moving the tip. This will form the petals of your flower.

    7. Stop squeezing and at the same time stop turning. Slowly lift the tip up.

    8. In some cases there will be a hole in the middle where the tip used to stand. Do not worry about this, since this will be covered when we make the centers.

    9. Squeeze a dot in the center to create a 'flower center' (use the color of your choice).

    10. Continue making flowers as needed.

    11. Let dry for 1 hour

    12. Carefully peel off the wax paper and use the beautiful flowers for decorating!!!

    Drop flower example (white petals with pink center):


    Have fun and make as many flowers you need to decorate beautiful cakes:

    Drop Flowers


Melinda said...

what do you use to attach them to the cake? a drop of buttercream icing? royal icing?

Miranda said...

I will keep trying. Mine always come out all crinkly! :( I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

The Cake Stylist said...

Hi Melinda,

I use a drop of buttercream icing to attach the flowers to the cake.

Like the little flowers in this cake:

The Cake Stylist said...

Hi Miranda,

Open up the slits of your tip with the tip of your small spatula or a knife. Do this slowly, and you dont want to open the slits too much. A little goes a ling way :).

Also, check the consistency of your buttercream, it might be too hard.

Let me know if this works.