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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Torting a Cake

The 20 minute rule:

Allow the cake to cool 20 minutes after you remove it from the oven in the cake pan (this will allow the cake to take its shape and be easily unmolded). If you unmold the cake before the 20 minutes the cake may break, if you wait longer than 20 minutes, the cake can stick to the pan making it difficult to unmold. The 20 minute rule works perfectly every time.


Unmold the cake by turning it upside down.

Note that the base of the cake will be the top of the cake (the flat surface).

Allow 40 minutes to cool the cake. Do not tort a warm cake as it can crumb and not tort evenly.

If the cake is 3 inches tall, you only need to bake one cake per tiara. If it is 2 inches tall, you have to bake 2 cakes to form one level.

For a 3" Cake:

  1. Adjust your cake leveler to mark the desired height of the cake (about half its height).

  2. Position your cake leveler and hold the top of the cake with your other hand.

  3. Slide the leveler as you slice through in a sawing motion.

  4. Do not slice through in the same direction. You can take pieces of the cake out of the middle. Once you reach the middle of the cake, start rotating the cake leveler one way in a sawing motion. Once you cut through, rotate the other way and slice that side as well in a sawing motion.

  5. Note that the base of this cake will be the top of your final decorated cake (the the smooth layer).

  6. Grab the second half (the one with the crown) and adjust your cake leveler to the base of the crown.

  7. Slice the crown off by using your cake leveler in a sawing motion as described above.

  8. This slice will be the base of your cake.

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