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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Started: Cake Decorating

Kits with Everything You Need to get Started:

Wilton 101-Decorating Tool Set


  • Tool caddy to organize, carry, and store the essentials
  • Collection of tools, colors, and food flavors to get you started
  • The tool caddy holds 48 tips and 12 paste food colors in a lift-out tray; upright storage prevents spills
  • Storage space for keeping your tools, such as: spatulas, bags, and other large supplies neatly organized
  • Tool caddy measures approximately 15 by 7 by 5 inches deep

Although the kit above is very complete, I really recommend starting with something smaller and adding the extra tools and stuff as you need them.

50-pcs Tool Set

  • Includes tool caddy to organize, carry and store essentials
  • Includes food coloring (prime colors)
  • Comes with instruction booklet with ideas and texhnoques
  • includes a practice boards with templates for trials.


In order to avoid baking 2 cakes for a two layer cake, use a 3 inch deep cake pan. Just bake one cake and tort by half for two layers or divide them into more layers. I use the Wilton round pans and they work just perfectly for me..

8 x 3-Inch Round Cake
10 x 3-Inch Round Cake
12 x 3-Inch Round Pan

Featherweight bags:
Wilton Piping Bags (feather weight)

Although I love featherweight bags they are sold individually at a very expensive price (around $5 dlls each). In cake decorating you need plenty of them, specially if working with a lot of colors. I bought a couple of the featherweights and a bunch of the disposable ones. I use the disposable when I am using strong colors like red so I can always dispose them.

Piping Bags (diposable)

Decorating Tips and Tools:

The following is a good set, Master Tip Set
Measuring Cups and Tool Set

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