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Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Make Fondant Bows

1. Roll fondant 1/16 in thick in desired color.

2. Cut 2 bow loops, 1 bow center and 2 streamers using a Fondant Cutter.

3. Cut ends of streamers in a 'V' shape.4. Set bow centers and the streamers aside, covered in plastic so they won't dry.

5. Pleat the ends of one bow loop cut out and fold over to form a loop.

6. Brush ends with some clear vanilla extract so the loop with 'glue' to itself. Press the ends lighlty to secure it. Stuff loops with tissue paper so the loop can dry in that form.

7. Make second loop.

8. Place two bow loops over surface with two bow ends joined together.

9. Pleat bow center ends and wrap around the middle of the two joined bow ends. 'Glue' the bow center with clear vanilla extract.

10. Attach bow center with loops over frosted cake, or 'glue' with clear vanilla extract to fondant covered cake.

11. Pleat straight ends of streamers and insert them lightly under bow. If the cake is covered with fondant, use clear vanilla extract to 'glue' to cake.

12. Allow to dry, then remove the tissue paper from bow loops.



stock market said...

im your favorite reader here!

DanielleFaye said...

Are you making your bows out of marshmallow fondant? I haven't seen many people explicitly say they're making decorations out of it and the one time I tried to make MMF roses it failed miserably.

The Cake Stylist said...
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The Cake Stylist said...

HI Danielle,

Yes, I have. Here is a pic of a MMF bow -

You need to let the MMF bow dry longer before you apply to the cake.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I ran across your blog; thanks so much for taking the time to take pictures and write your tutorials! My eyes are just popping at your projects; they're so classy and sweet! Your fondant tips are sure to help me as I tackle my first (Hello Kitty) fondant cake!

~~Lilly in PDX~~

The Cake Stylist said...

Hi Lilly,

Any cake project requires patience. Since this Hello Kitty cake is your first one I wish you all the fun there is to it. Please share your experiences here again.

Thank you!!!

ingrid said...

Hello! Can i put a fondant bow on a buttercream iced cake? If i want to make a bow ahead of time...when is the earliest I can make it? How long will it last? Thanks!

The Cake Stylist said...

Hi Ingrid,

Yes, you can plae a fondant bow over a buttercream iced cake. You can make the bows way ahead of time. They actually last for months if stored in a cool and dry place (I usually store mine in a sealed container). Fondant is basically just sugar, so it won't go bad, and most of the time, nobody eats the hard fondant :).