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Friday, May 2, 2008

Buttercream: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Flower

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1- Prepare a bag of buttercream icing with tip #5 and another bag of same buttercream icing color with tip #81.

2- Pipe a mound of icing with tip #5 at center of flower nail. 3- Insert tip #85 with indent facing up) to the bottom edge of mound slightly. Squeeze bag and extend to the edge of inner circle and release pressure pulling slightly upwards at a 45 degree angle. Continue piping these petals around to create a row of base petals.
4- Repeat by piping the next row of petals slightly shorter positioning them between the base petals and on top of the last row (don't forget to insert the tip slightly into the mound, squeeze the bag, pull and release pressure at a 45 degree angle).

5- Continue piping petals until the mound is covered with each row slightly shorter. It usually takes me about 4 rows.

6- At center of flower, pipe 3 vertical petals.


sleeplessnights04 said...

It's so funny your posting these now; I'm taking a course through Michael's Wilton Course 2 and this is exactly where we are in the class. How did your color flow birds turn out?

The Cake Stylist said...

Hi sleeplessnights04,

I took that class a while back :). My birds turned out perfect... actually, I still have them. I didn't place on my final cake as I didn't like the birds covering all of my pretty flowers. I should post a picture of them sometime :). Hope you come visit us soon.

Anonymous said...

I am actually taking the Wilton class and I'm on the next lesson, the violet. I having been trying here at home for the last 2 hours and just can't get it right, you web site is wonderful and I will continue trying...Thanks for the help and inspiration. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

This site is a wonderful blessing! I just started Wilton 2 and this site is an inspiration. I had my second class where we did the color flow and our first royal icing flowers and some of the flowers did not turn out like I had hoped. (so I was sorta disappointed) Your site has inspired me to practice practice practice !! Thanks for the encouragement.