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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Chocolate Truffles

I took a class on chocolate truffles and was amazed at the endless ideas to decorate truffles. For Chocolate Truffles recipe, click HERE.

Truffles can be rolled on sprinkles that resembles the holiday's theme (top left corner). They can be rolled in coconut and then dipped in white chocolate (white one on lower left corner), rolled in coconut only (lower left corner) or simply just dipped in rich dark chocolate (or milk chocolate, your preference).


For heart truffle shown below: I used coating chocolate (perfect for melting and molding) and poured over a transfer sheet (design is colored cocoa). Allow to set for a bit and use a cookie cutter to make chocolate cut outs (heart shape). Place a cut-out on the bottom, top with chocolate truffle using a piping bag, and top with another cut-out to sandwich the truffle filling. Voila!!


The picture below shows a chocolate truffle dipped in dark chocolate. Allow to cool and with a decorator brush green gold luster dust... beautiful!!! The ripple design was made by using a dipping spiral tool.


Truffle rolled on colored crystal sugar.


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Armida said...

The chocolate truffles look so yummy! Where did you take the class? Hmm, maybe I should take it too! Ciao!