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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Royal Icing: Violet Leaves

Violet leafs add a pleasant full look to cakes. Since violet flowers are too small, I like placing them under the flower to bring out its details. Refer to Flower Index for other flower links.

Violet Leaf


  1. Looking down on your flower nail, imagine dividing the nail in half; Then in two quarters.
  2. Squeeze royal icing on one quarter of the nail slightly. Go up by using a jiggling or zig zag motion (another way to describe it is to do multiple ‘n’ letters
  3. When you reach the top slide tip out a little bit and ‘fan’ the royal icing as you turn the nail.
  4. Continue down the path (second quarter) in a jiggling motion moving back to starting point.
  5. Dry in medium flower former to give a slight cupped shape to leaf.

Link to how to make Violet Flowers (flower shown above)

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